Why You Should Choose Linoleum Flooring

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Flooring is a very important part of the interior household decor. If you have an idea about different kinds of flooring, you may know about linoleum flooring. Linoleum flooring also known by the common name, lino is made from natural organic materials such as solidified linseed oil, wood and cork dust, pine rosin and mineral compounds such as limestone powder which is mainly used as a filler. To these materials, colour pigments are added to create the desired look.

What is the History of Linoleum?

The word linoleum was coined by an Englishman named Frederick Walton in 1855. The name has been derived from the Latin words, “linum” meaning flax and “oleum” meaning oil. In 1864, Walton established a company, Linoleum Manufacturing Company Limited in London, which manufactured linoleum.

Why Linoleum Could be the Best Option for Your Home

Linoleum flooring has long been used since ages for its durability and to cover hard floors. They come in different patterns and colours which might attract your attention. Linoleum flooring is best suited if you are looking for something which is eco-friendly and at the same time is long lasting.

Compared to other flooring materials such as vinyl and laminate, linoleum flooring maintains its looks as the colour pigments are present throughout the material and not just on the surface. So if you are worried about the colour fading away, linoleum flooring has an advantage over that.


When it comes to interior decor choice, you might have to do a bit of research before you can decide which one is the best option for your home. If you are a first-timer, then you may seek the expert advice of interior designers and decorators.

Things to Know in Choosing the Right Carpet

It is important to consider your room when choosing a type of flooring. In the market, you can find various kinds of carpet, and they come in different patterns and sizes; for smaller rooms large carpet patterns are not advisable as they can make the room even smaller.

Different Carpet Types

The first thing to consider in finding carpet flooring is its use. Areas like kitchen and living room which are prone to damps and dirt need carpet that is tough and areas like where kids play require softer and plusher carpet.

Textured Plush

Textured plush carpet is cut to a smooth and leveled up style of space flooring. Most customers, who have families, choose this flexible type because it makes the room seem more relaxing.

The Saxony Type

In Ottawa, Canada Saxony carpet is installed in certain rooms of a house like lounge areas because of its smooth and cut-heap style of flooring. It comes in smooth, soft and elegant design that can make your space get a modern look.

Berber Loop-Pile Type

The Berber circle heap carpet flooring looks like fleece material and has a flexible design, which makes it fitting for almost every style of room. The tight circle surface of this carpet style shrouds impressions and vacuuming marks. This is best for bungalow, modern and nation-style houses.

Berber Cut-Pile

This berber cut-heap carpet comes in lavish and greatly piled carpets and lovely colors that is perfect for the rooms of your little ones at home. It highlights shading bits that help conceal dirt and grime between cleanings.

In Choosing Your Carpet

Visiting carpet and tile stores is advised if you intend to buy carpet flooring. Through visiting a carpet and tile stores you can be able to talk with a carpet flooring experts that can give you advice on the perfect carpet flooring that best fits your home activities, design you want and your finances.

Installment of Carpet

The person to install your carpet must have the necessary skills. If you can’t find one, a professional installer is a great choice. Not only will the professional install the flooring excellently but will also give you tips about maintaining it.

Floor Tiles

For areas like kitchens and restroom, carpet flooring is not advised. For these spaces, the homeowner must consider high quality tile flooring. Tile flooring can be discussed with your carpet flooring advisor.

What Are The Uses Of Linoleum Flooring in Present Day

Linoleum is made from natural compounds, is bio-degradable and also anti-bacterial. Though other artificial materials have taken over linoleum flooring in the past few years, it is still preferable to many. It is also popular for its resilience. It would not wear away easily. It comes in sheets and tiles. You can choose whichever feels convenient for you.

Linoleum floorings are ideal for the kitchen. You can choose from a wide array of colours they are available in. They are resilient and almost maintenance-free. If you are a homemaker, then it is very convenient for your choice as it requires little or no maintenance.

Due to its softer or cushion-like texture, it is a popular choice for flooring living rooms and bedrooms. Its water resistant property makes it an easier option to use in washrooms and laundry rooms.

Linoleum flooring does not cause allergy, and this characteristic makes it suitable to use in hospitals, health centres. If you or any of your family members are allergic, then you would not have to think twice before considering linoleum as the flooring option for your home. Linoleum, compared to other materials can be easily installed on house floors. Since they are soft and flexible, it makes them easier to fit on the floor.


Every material has benefits as well as some drawbacks. It is always better if you weigh the benefits against the drawbacks and see which is best suited for your home. It is always best to go for something which is long lasting and at the same time adds beauty to your home.